Friends of the Environment (FoE)

Friends of the Environment (FoE) is a charitable conservation organisation established in 1989. We work in close collaboration with the private sectors, governmental bodies, local groups and academic institutions in many spheres where the environment and national heritage sites are concerned.

Based in Tamarin, in the west coast of Mauritius, we are a small organisation dedicated to the restoration of very degraded landscapes in Mauritius with site-specific species on Petite-Montagne as well as the  renovation, rehabilitation, preservation and valorisation of national heritage sites.

The FoE has renovated and now assume management of the Martello Tower Museum at La Preneuse. Since 2006, the FoE has worked on the ‘Restoration and valorisation of the Citadel of Port-Louis’ with a team of experts. These activities were extended to the restoration of the native vegetation around the Fort, while preserving the historical value of this heritage site.

Our aims


With less than 2% of its native vegetation surviving, Mauritius is one of the countries that sustained the greatest loss of biodiversity with the remnants counting among the most threatened in the World. Biodiversity loss harms mankind in several ways. The overarching aims of the reforestation project is to reinstate a dry forest cover on the flanks of the Petite-Montagne with the following targeted benefits:

  • To provide citizens a pleasant, stress-free environment to recharge from the bustling city life.
  • To showcase reforestation feasibility of ecologically degraded land.
  • To conserve unique Mauritian native wildlife by reconstituting a fully functional and self-sustaining ecosystem.
  • To reduce fire risks, their frequency, intensity and severity as restored native vegetation of Mauritius are fire resistant.
  • To reduce soil erosion and flash flood risks.
  • To improve ecosystem services and constitute a concrete example of action towards carbon sequestration.
  • To educate and increase awareness about the main environmental challenges and to develop the corresponding solutions.