Our Team


Mr Philippe La Hausse De La Louvière


Philippe is an aquatic biologist and is now a general manager in the agro-industrial sector in Mauritius. His passion for the protection of cultural and national heritage sites has led him to establish the National Heritage Trust Fund and sit on the international executive of ICOMOS. He works with our partners on special occasions, helping us to maximize our impact!


Mrs Gillian La Hausse De La Louvière

Gillian is a former English teacher as well as the director of the Martello Tower Museum in the west coast of Mauritius. At Friends of the Environment, she takes care of the administration and facilitates the good operation of our varied projects. She does regular site visits to assess progress of the restoration work. Her interests are in education, psychology, ecology and notions of how to be a good planetarian.


Dr Claudia Baider

Claudia is in charge of the Mauritius National Herbarium. Her main research interest is in the conservation of biodiversity in tropical terrestrial systems focusing on the Amazon, the Atlantic forests and within the Mascarenes Biodiversity hotspot. Passionate about nature, she hopes that man will rebuild his lifestyle on a harmonious respect for biodiversity to stop the damage being inflicted to the planet, to ourselves and to the next generations.


Dr Vincent Florens


Vincent is an Associate Professor of Ecology and former Head of the Department of Biosciences at the University of Mauritius.  His main research interest is in the conservation of biodiversity in tropical terrestrial systems with particular emphasis on the impact of invasive alien species. As a nature lover and full-fledged conservationist, he sees Mauritius as a laboratory of hope for the world.


Mr Erwin Jayson Amavassee 


Erwin is a biologist with a specialisation in endangered species management. He is responsible for all daily field activities, scientific monitoring, communication and awareness, data collection, grants and report writing. He supervises employees and volunteers and represents the organisation and its interests at various conferences, meetings or events related to the project. Happy to know that through his work, the forest restoration programme, is a powerful tool to tackle climate change crisis and provide a wildlife sanctuary!


Mr Leung Miow Wah Frederick Kiam Siong 


Frederick is responsible for the general maintenance of the restoration site with different daily activities. He works under the direct supervision of the project coordinator. His passion for nature and forest makes him a key component to the success of the project. If you look for him on field, look under a tree, you may find him under the shade of a tree, relaxing from hard work!


Updated on 15 September 2019