Funders and Partners

Our Funders

We couldn’t do this without the support of our amazing sponsors.

A huge thank you for their contribution to forest restoration efforts in Mauritius!

Our Partners

Our Friends

Ebony Forest, Endemika Gardens, Mauritius Herbarium, Ministry of Housing & Lands, Forestry Services, Ministry of Tourism, Ecole du Centre, Leo Club of Port-Louis, University of Mauritius, FORENA, Echo Club, Birger, GEF-SGP, UNDP and VWR Mauritius.

Become a Funder

Make tree planting a part of your business

How it works

Want your business to do something significant for the environment? Two ways you can partner with us. The most popular are CSR funding and donations. We can also organise planting activities with your business, local group or school.

What you get

  • A marvelous sustainability story for your business.
  • Your company logo on our Sponsors and Partners page (once you hit a set milestone).
  • Contributing to the conservation of a unique biodiversity.
  • Creation of the first native dry forest in the capital city of Mauritius.
  • Updates on the project.

Interested? Fill out the form to let us know you’re keen to become a Citadelle Native Revegetation Project partner. We can’t wait to hear from you!