CJ News 2nd Edition

Since 2015, the Currimjee Foundation has been one of our most valuable partner for the restoration project. Not only does the Currimjee Jeewanjee company support the NGO Friends of the Environment financially, but they also send their corportate staffs to have a fun day and get their hands in the dirt. Here is a glimpse of the staffs in action.

One Beat One Tree

Friends of the Environment is collaborating with PORLWI for the One Beat One Tree, thanks to Belgian artist Naziha Mestaoui. This stunning virtual technology projects a virtual forests onto city spaces. The grown digital trees are later physically planted on the flanks of the Petite-Montagne onto our restoration sites for the project.

Earth Day 2018

Because every action counts in the protection of the environment, the Currimjee Foundation partnered with Friends of the Environment since 2015 to plant endemic and native trees on the slopes of the Citadelle. We celebrated the Earth Day with the Emtel team where their employees are contributing significantly to our reforestation project.

Mauritius a laboratory of hope

The project manager of the Citadelle Native Re-vegetation Project, Dr Vincent Florens, shares with us how other countries could solve their biodiversity loss through the conservation experience of Mauritius, a laboratory of hope.

“Mauritius is at the forefront of biodiversity destruction with only 2 percent of native habitat left. Succeeding to rebuild and conserve biodiversity here can give hope and methods for other parts of the world where environmental loss is an issue.” – Vincent Florens